Innovative Project Award Winner

Ehove Career Center

EHOVE Career Center had a customer that planned to expand their facility and needed to add new positions. The company also needed a way to identify internal and external candidates that may be qualified for the new positions.   

Elaine Colvin from EHOVE recommended the profiling of two positions utilizing the ACT WorkKeys profiling system. The company’s union agreed to the WorkKeys job profiling and assessments to help screen the applicants. The profiles were conducted,all the applicants were assessed at EHOVE’s testing center and the employees were hired.

Due to the success of the process a strong relationship was built between the two organizations. The customer subsequently purchased 4 customized training contracts, several in-house assessments and call regularly for talent and assessment advice.  The customer has become a strong partner with EHOVE, attending career fairs for EHOVE students, conducting mock interviews and helping with other activities at the EHOVE campus.