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We Take the Talent Game Seriously


Hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly for organizations. It could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars when you consider the time and expense associated with advertising available positions, interviewing new candidates, and training new hires. But the consequences of a wrong hire, or a bad fit, go beyond turnover costs; there are also costs associated with a disrupted company culture, decreased work production, and potential loss of customers and revenue.

For individuals, being in the wrong job can not only be a waste of their time and talent but also be bad for their mental and physical health.

The Ohio Talent Development Network (OTDN) assists organizations of all sizes in attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining the right talent for their business.

We Help Employers Find and Grow the Best People for their Organization

The OTDN combine proven tools for talent management and organizational effectiveness with customized consulting services that help organizations:

  • Hire the right person in the right job
  • Retain the top talent
  • Understand employees better
  • Make better professional development decisions

The benefits of our services translate into real ROI for organizations through:

  • Reduce turnover and absenteeism
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Increase productivity and business results
  • Reduce repetitive training
  • Reduce litigation