We Know Strategic Talent Management Works

Organizations that integrate talent management with strategic goals are far better at planning, managing people, building a learning organization, and redeploying talent to the most urgent and pressing areas. Their financial returns are higher and they are responding better to the traumatic changes around us.

Why does this happen? Because these organizations have made the investment to build the end-to-end talent programs that select, place and promote their employees.

The Ohio Talent Development Network (OTDN) assists organizations of all sizes in attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining the right talent for their business.

We Help Organizations Maximize their Potential

The Ohio Talent Development Network (OTDN) combines proven tools with customized services that help organizations make better decisions to ensure top talent is positioned in pivotal roles. We also provide services to individuals that help them make better job and career decisions, and work smarter and more profitably.

Over the past 10 years, OTDN conducted more than 1,500 job profiles. To assist employers in finding the right people and in developing their workers, we delivered over 325,000 assessments and 29,000 certification exams. In addition, OTDN helped over 134,821 Ohioans earn ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate, which verifies individuals are “work ready” and have essential core employability skills. (This could make an interesting infographic.)

OTDN Success Stories

Metal Coaters (Use Metal Coaters, Miami University and U of A Wayne College logos)

  • Challenge: Metal Coaters planned to open a new plant in Middletown and wanted to create a selection process to help them hire the best and brightest candidates. Metal Coaters contacted Miami University due to success another company in the area had using OTDN products/services.
  • Solution: Miami University partnered with the University of Akron-Wayne College to conduct job profiles for three job families (Maintenance, Warehouse, and Paint Line Operator). CEB SHL Talent Measurement’s online job profiling platform was used to gather job data from employees at facilities across the country. The Manufacturing Job Solutions assessments were utilized to screen applicants.
  • Results: Over 2,600 applicants have been assessed. The company has begun to replicate Middletown’s hiring process at 5 other facilities. The OTDN Resource Center staff worked with the test vendor to convert the assessment into Spanish based on employer need. (This really does not speak to results – did they hire yet? If so, can we talk about new hires meeting performance goals, first year retention and employee engagement?)

Geauga Savings Bank (Use Geauga Savings Bank and Lakeland CC logos)

  • Challenge: Excessively high turnover in their sales department partially due to generic job descriptions with unclear job objectives.
  • Solution: Job analysis used to define skills and abilities, behavioral assessments used to understand which candidates met the requirements and identify any skill gaps, interview questions were created.
  • Results: “All of my employees are excited about the new job descriptions and performance review forms that have come out of the program. I expect to see better results in hiring the right individuals into the right position, the first time, with little turnover.” Barb Kimbrew, HR Manager (Do they have any more concrete results yet?)

General Motors (Use GM, LCCC, and U of A Wayne College logos)

  • Challenge: The UAW and management at the GM Lordstown Center wanted a third party to provide an objective process to develop talent for the selection of the team leader position and improve the likelihood of job success.
  • Solution: University of Akron-Wayne College conducted a job profile, used ability assessments, a behavioral assessment and structured interview questions to evaluate existing employees. University of Akron-Wayne College and LCCC worked together to bring the same selection process to GM’s Parma Center.
  • Results: The first group of candidates was assessed in 2004. Due to the success (need more info on success) and employer need, the work has continued into 2016.

Local Manufacturers

  • Challenge: Local manufacturers experience challenges in locating qualified individuals to fill Computer Numerical Control (CNC) positions.
  • Solution: Lorain County Joint Vocational Schools and Lorain County Community College (both OTDN Centers) worked with the local employer group (what does this mean – who is the local employer group?) to manage employer recruitment. Ten companies participated in a WorkKeys job profiling session. Ohio Means Jobs-Lorain County helped recruit students and provided funding. As a result, the Right Skills Now CNC Machinist Pilot Training Program was developed. It is a 10-week training course followed by an 8-week paid internship.
  • Results:
  • 86% of those enrolled completed training.
  • 83% received the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) CNC Operations Certifications.
  • 50% obtained Gold Level and 50% obtained Silver Level National Career Readiness certificates.
  • 100% were placed in internships.
  • 83% were hired by the company where they completed internships.